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Essential Software Applications

There are lot of computer software applications that we use on day today basis which not only is helpful but often saves time and sometimes increases productivity. I have few of them that I wanted to share and would also like people to recommend their favorite utilities through the comments Continue reading


USe ICICI Savings Bank account to pay Credit Card balance

There is a free and easy way to pay off your credit card balances — any bank — from ICICI savings bank account.  Here are the steps Continue reading

Windows Stealing Focus

A couple of months ago i upgraded my laptop to Vista and since then i had to live with an annoying mouse pointer problem until today. Every time the mouse points to an open window that is in the background it steals the focus and sends the active one behind. This is frustrating in instances where you have a full size and smaller sizes window open, if you are working on the smaller window and if your mouse pointer moves to the full size window, it steals the focus and sends the smaller one to the background. Annoying isn’t?

I did a lot of Googling and checked out various forums but the only suggestion i got was to use the tweakvi utility or do a registry change to fix it. Neither worked! Apparently there is a setting in vista that was the culprit and i just happen to notice it. It is in the Mouse properties under control panel. Here is how you locate it..

Control Panel\Ease of Access Center\Make the mouse easier to use. Un-Check the Activate Window by hovering over it with the mouse check-box. (refer picture)

Ironically Microsoft thinks it is an easier way to switch between windows. Drop me a comment if it helps you….

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Streamline Windows Startup and Shutdown

Your first step to relieving the traffic jam at startup is to uninstall programs you never use, especially the ones that always put an icon in the system tray. Look first in the Start menu for an uninstall icon alongside the program’s main icon. If no uninstall icon appears, launch Add or Remove Programs in Windows’ Control Panel, highlight the unneeded program, and then click the Remove or Change/Remove button to start the process. Continue reading

How credit-card transactions work


This is about the most original representation of how projects are executed in today’s world

50 Fun Things to Do With Your iPod

In the four years since its introduction, the iPod has proven to be a versatile little device. Here are a few dozen things you can do with your iPod besides listen to music.

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